Amplitude Scaricare Film

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Original Title: Amplitude

Genge: Music,Action,Sci-Fi


















































In this game, you control a Beat Blaster and you must zap the note capsules to turn on and keep up the rhythms of the tracks until you reach the finish line.
this is the most addicting, and most fun game I've played in 1 yea-... 2 year... 3 yea... no.. no... This is the most fun and addicting game I've ever played since i was born, it is so fun, and so addicting, that if you play it, your eyes will burn in pain as you play it all day, all night, all day, and all night again, then go to sleep, wake up, and do the same thing.

Buy amplitude, i cant find a single problem with it...

Difficulty: Just right, not to hard, not to easy, as its got 4 difficulty levels!!! Graphics: Amazeing! i mean, the flashes and spinning could give you a seizure!!! audio: its a music game, how do u think the audio is? overall: 10/10, there is nothing wrong with amplitude, and everything that you can name, is done amazingly well.

Buy Amplitude, same thing goes with frequency... and guitar hero.



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    Amplitude Scaricare Film